Why punch?

Sunday, January 4th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Whenever I tell people about my love of punch, I get a variety of responses. Some people think I am talking about the G-rated, non-alcoholic variety. (I’m not.) Others get into very heated debates with me about how punch is “uncool” and that the sign of a high class party is an open bar with top-shelf liquor.

In my opinion, unless your party host is a professional mixologist who is going to blend and shake drink perfection for his or her party guests all night, an open bar at a party is a terrible idea. I ask you this: How many times have you been to a party where sometime around 10 pm it is clear that there are endless varieties of gin, vodka and rum in plentiful supply; but nary a mixer to be found? The reason for this is simple – the quantity of mixers needed to keep a party going all night is big, especially when you have amateurs mixing their own drinks.

Let’s face it…most people do not know how to make a drink. Left to their own devices, your guests will fill an oversized cup with ice, throw in some alcohol, and then start randomly adding whatever juices and sodas are on hand. Pineapple juice to start. Throw in a splash of cranberry. A squeeze of lime. Top it off with some Sprite, maybe? In the end, everything tastes like that bad Mai-Tai you had in Cancun on spring break during college.

You can supply the party with every gourmet drink ingredient in the world, but most people have no idea what to do with them. Thus…the beauty of punch! You can create one carefully selected specialty drink for the evening, make it to perfection ONE TIME, and then you, the host, are done! I can tell you from personal experience – if you have a batch of delicious looking punch sitting there, no one will be drinking wine or beer.

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