How did you become the Punch Vixen?

Sunday, January 4th, 2009 | Uncategorized

In order to understand how I became this fabulous, you need to know about the Studio Guild.

The Studio Guild is a cooperative office space that my husband, Tate, runs in Midtown Manhattan. The idea behind the Studio Guild is to offer affordable, “by the desk” office space to freelancers, artists, architects, writers, and small non-profits. Tate has worked hard to create a community where people can collaborate, network, and simply have fun. And this is where punch comes in.

Twice a year, we throw a huge party at the Studio Guild. There is the annual Holiday Hangover party in January (because who needs another holiday party in December?), as well as a Summer blowout. Over the years, these parties have become legendary. We throw the party in the actual office space, and what used to take place on half of the 10th floor, now takes up the entire 10th and 11th floors and includes a DJ and dance floor on 11.

With over 300 people coming to each party, there is really no other way to affordably serve drinks all night long. Punch allows me to prep many of the recipes in advance. I also can get 3 or 4 batches flowing at the same time. As the night wears on, I generally move from the more complex recipes into the quick and easy ones. There is a general flow to the evening that everyone has come to expect. While I have been making punches for over ten years now, many of my punch recipes were perfected over the past six years of Studio Guild shindigs. You have to get good at making these recipes on the fly in order to keep a large and raucous crowd happy!

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